When you get the last bus home on a Saturday night, and you’re completely sober

Before I even start writng this post I know its going to be difficult to categorise; thank goodness for tags.




I just caught the last bus home from our nation’s capital on a Saturday night. It’s actually a long distance bus, its route is a full 80 miles, so you have to understand that we really depend on that bus. It’s the only bus.

So, when the bus has left the city behind, and the suburbs, and the dormitory town, and is bowling along a trunk route at 50 miles an hour at least, and the fuckwits that have had too much to drink and are feeling sick insist on having the windows open; and if anyone disagrees with this their pals will all gang up on them…..

What a monumental sense of entitlement.

Maybe get off the bus if you feel sick? No can do because it’s the ONLY bus home.

Maybe drink less? Well, too late for that, even if it is a valid argument.

Demonise anyone who disagrees with you? Of course, because it’s me me me.